Spiral Daily 144

How do you OWN your frustration? A good question to ask yourself when you are frustrated is, “What is my fear behind the frustration?” If you can communicate and understand your fear, you OWN it as your thing. If you share your fear rather than your...

Spiral Daily

What would happen if you said “good day” to someone you normally like to avoid? The old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” has a lot of merit. Often percieved enemies have a lot in common with us! The best questions foster understanding, spark...

It takes just one

The spark from the conflict vanished as quickly as a newbie scout trying to light a fire by rubbing sticks; nobody else noticed the incident between Frick and Frack. However, everyone around Frick and Frack felt the effects of incident, the burn, for a week. The...

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