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Spiral Impact: The Art of Conflict Mastery

What Could You Achieve If You Mastered Conflict?

Conflict is not the destructive force most of us were taught it is. In fact, I’ll share a surprising secret with you:

Conflict is the spark of innovation.

When it’s properly understood and channeled, conflict is a powerfully transformative force, not only for solving problems but also as a catalyst for innovation and learning. Unfortunately, because we’re taught to avoid or even squelch conflict (traditional “conflict management”), few people possess the skills they need to harness its beneficial power.

I coach individuals and consult with teams and entire organizations on how to master conflict and use it — powerfully and gracefully — to think and act more innovatively and with greater influence.


Engaging with Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Over the course of more than 20 years, I’ve developed a conflict mastery methodology, called Spiral Impact® that teaches people how to use the creative power of conflict. The Spiral Impact approach develops organizational leadership and project teams, as well as individuals, and provides them with the tools they need to be more productive, engaged, and accountable.

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, you might benefit from Spiral Impact:

  • “I can’t stand conflict. I don’t like confrontation.”
  • “We don’t have conflict.”
  • “We don’t voice our disagreement enough.”
  • “I’m buried in conflict. It consumes my days.”

It might surprise you: Each of these statements indicates wasted energy and lost opportunities for innovative thinking. (Yes, even a lack of conflict is wasted energy.) Think of what you and your team could achieve if you mastered conflict instead of avoiding, exploiting, or denying it.

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Boost your Power with Grace

Transcript: Karen here.  Got a question for you.  What if your driving is a model of how you live the rest of your life? Do you get stressed out with people who break the rules? Do you speed? Do you yell at people in your...

Master Conflict. Be More Free

When you can master conflict you achieve certain degree of freedom in your life. What is mastery? Listen in and find out!

Force versus Power

How you choose between using force vs. using power impacts every interaction you have — even if you’re interacting only with yourself. Do you know what that difference is? Believe it or not, the answer is based in physics.

Watch now.

How Spiral Impact® Works

Where traditional conflict management techniques seek to manage or resolve conflict, the Spiral Impact method teaches people how to “move with” conflict rather than resisting it. Spiral Impact employs a variety of flexible, adaptable techniques to turn conflict from a problem into an solution.

Because I tailor our sessions to your team’s and organization’s goals, the skills we learn together quickly become part of the people who adopt them – so they’re sustainable and produce repeatable results.


The Destructive Force of Buried Conflict

In most organizations – and even in our personal lives – buried conflict is costly. Small issues often go unnoticed, insidiously wearing away at team productivity and employee satisfaction, sometimes building in intensity until it’s like a dam bursting, and the team, project, or initiative implodes.

Conflict doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end. If you know how to move with it, conflict can be the beginning of innovation. Let me show you how to use the power of conflict with grace. Learn more about my enterprise consulting or about my speaking programs.  

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“Karen is an exceptional consultant for her unique approach to developing people, using martial arts techniques to demonstrate human behavior. She has become a TOP CHOICE in my recommendations to others. Karen is very special and a gifted professional!”

Bill Campbell

formerly DowAgro Science

Avoid the Cost of Destructive Conflict

How much does destructive conflict cost your organization? Learn how conflict, like water, can be either a powerfully creative force or a damaging deluge, depending on your approach to it.