Individual Coaching Sessions

Develop the Skills for Getting “It” Done with Grace

We all have an “it” we’d like to get done. For some of us, “it” might be advancing our careers; for others, “it” can be creating more fulfilling interpersonal relationships with loved ones or coworkers. However, virtually all of us encounter obstacles to achieving our desired outcomes — people, events, and even things (like that frozen computer) get in the way of our success.

Here’s a surprising secret:

Obstacles are inevitable; how we react to them is not.

I integrate decades of martial skills in my work with non-martial people guiding them to make the lasting changes that free them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Using my methodology, called Spiral Impact®, I offer individual coaching sessions that apply concepts from ‘the mat’ to your professional and personal life.  With Spiral Impact, you’ll learn practical skills for embodying presence of both mind and emotion for handling times of rapid change.

What stands in your way to getting what you want? What prevents you from having the relationships you want with others? Most importantly:  What changes are you willing to make to turn those obstacles into opportunities?

Read on to see how I work with leaders and with individuals seeking professional and personal development.

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“Because we have chosen a staff that has a diversity of profiles, attitudes and strengths, sometimes they find it hard to collaborate, and will resist one another, or fall into the negatives of gossip, projections and judgments that separate. Karen helped us learn to make our conflicts creative and keep things flowing even when differences arise. She is a support for a higher level of operating as a team.”

Puja Dhyan Parsons

CEO, Growing Spaces LLC

Boost your Power with Grace

Transcript: Karen here.  Got a question for you.  What if your driving is a model of how you live the rest of your life? Do you get stressed out with people who break the rules? Do you speed? Do you yell at people in your...

Master Conflict. Be More Free

When you can master conflict you achieve certain degree of freedom in your life. What is mastery? Listen in and find out!

Force versus Power

How you choose between using force vs. using power impacts every interaction you have — even if you’re interacting only with yourself. Do you know what that difference is? Believe it or not, the answer is based in physics.

Watch now.

Coaching for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

When people first come together to work it’s exhilarating. Shared vision and commitment creates anticipation and excitement. Often though, this exhilaration is short lived. Time reveals:  differences dividing, energy dissipating, accountability waning, conflict increasing.

While conflict is essential for innovation, it can also destroy the trust and vitality essential for leaders and their teams. Cultivating leadership and teams who productively engage with differences increases engagement and innovation. My coaching sessions prepare the mind, the body and the emotions of today’s leaders enabling them to lead effectively, develop their people, and sustain self-care in changing times.

You’ll learn to:

  • Stay calm and engaged in challenging or difficult situations
  • Welcome conflict and shifts destructive conflict into innovation
  • Provide direction and inspiration
  • Create an environment of trust
  • Hold others accountable in a way that honors and develops them
  • Facilitate collaboration and dialogue
  • Delegate effectively

Karen delivered exceptional results and inspired me to develop new leadership perspectives. I highly recommend Karen’s services to any organization seeking to improve employee productivity.

William Ward

former Director Clinical Engineering, Facilities and Safety, Indiana University Health

What are your leadership challenges?

Coaching for Professional and Personal Development

Every significant interaction you have either increases or decreases your energy, influence, and balance. When that interaction includes conflict, we often perceive it as an obstacle. This is true, no matter what form the obstacle takes: an uncooperative person, a difficult event, or even an object (like that flat tire on your way to an important appointment).

Conflict doesn’t have to be an obstacle. It can be a catalyst for exciting changes: innovation, growth, and stronger, more productive interpersonal relationships. However, shifting conflict from obstacle to asset doesn’t involve changing the people, situations, and objects in your life. When you aren’t getting what you want, understanding yourself is the beginning of making different choices — and of obtaining your goals. 

My coaching sessions will teach you how to:

  • Diffuse and influence a strong opponent
  • Handle multiple ‘things’ coming at you at once
  • Adapt and respond to constantly changing conditions
  • Step courageously into unfamiliar territory
  • Create unity in a diverse group of people
  • Develop presence that calms others

Karen provides the tools to address issues in both your personal and business life. Guided by the idea of remaining flexible and asking questions, Spiral Impact…ultimately guides your decision making to a clear solution with confidence.

Donnie Reed

Senior Project Manager, Indiana University Health