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Delivered Virtually and In-Person by Best-Selling Author Karen Valencic

One of the greatest rewards of what I do is watching resistance melt away — and seeing the “ahhh…yes!” happen. I offer programs, keynotes, and speaking engagements, focused on key concepts and tools from my Spiral Impact® approach to conflict mastery. I get people out of their seats and experiencing how power can be delivered with grace — and get results!  

My programs are designed flexibly to scale for large events or small internal groups who are seeking ways to work more productively and creatively with conflict.

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What Can You Expect with My Programs?

I believe that people learn best by doing, so my programs are interactive and participative. I demonstrate all my concepts physically, making the learning entertaining and long lasting with visual and kinesthetic approaches. Here are a few scenes from an engagement I did for an internal team to give you a taste.

Create Momentum in Times of Disruption with My Most-Requested Programs

Mastering the Art of Conflict

Conflict is the spark that lights the fire of innovation. However, the flames or the smoldering embers of conflict can also destroy trust and vitality that are essential to bringing out the best in people to create high-performing teams and successful relationships. I blend concepts from physics and martial arts to demonstrate how to navigate these tricky waters and master conflict as a creative force.

You'll learn how to:
  • Transform destructive conflict into innovative solutions
  • Be the calm eye in the Storm, raise Emotional Intelligence
  • Change your relationship with conflict as a natural positive part of your life

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Power with Grace

As the world rapidly changes, agility and resilience are essential survival skills. While we can’t control the world around us, we can change how we move through it, how we interact with others, and who we become in the process. This hinges on our ability to bring forth our True Power which requires a calm center, clear intent, and authentic inquiry – moving with situations instead of against them to create easy, honorable momentum. In this interactive program, I share five simple keys to engaging your True Power.

You'll leave with practical methods for:
  • Increasing your adaptability to change with agility and resilience
  • Creating collaborative relationships and bringing out the best in others
  • Staying calm and maintaining perspective under pressure

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Innovation at the Intersection of Conflict and Change

Innovation, conflict, and change are inseparable, like three very close cousins. This is tricky because many people want innovation, avoid conflict, and resent change — which often triggers more conflict! Accepting this triumvirate opens the door to accelerating momentum and foreseeing ways to optimize outcomes.

You'll learn how to:
  • Shift destructive conflict to constructive, innovative solutions
  • Optimize engagement for efficient, creative interactions
  • Minimize the impact of change and smooth the way to success

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Fighting for Civilty? Do This Instead! (or The Science of Influence) 

Can you push something toward you? No! Pushing is away. Why keep on pushing to make things happen or convince someone to take your position? “Pushing” points of view creates more resistance and “dug in” positions. Instead, draw from the laws of physics and learn to harness the power of a spiral, even in intense and demanding circumstances — then step back and watch the magic happen!

You'll learn 5 keys to:
  • Stop wasting energy trying to convince and, instead, “spiral” to influence with more ease
  • Engage productively even when resistance is great
  • Stay calm and maintain perspective in intense situations
  • Create authentic relationships

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Centering:  The Martial Way to Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

“Centering” refers to cultivating an internal focus to create a sense of balance, awareness, and personal strength. Centering increases mindfulness, emotional intelligence and is a key element to foster influence, collaboration, and innovation. This session creates a context for how centering increases your ability to perform with more stability and influence, as well as less stress while in challenging circumstances. Participants will leave with tools and a plan for how to integrate centering into their lives.

You'll learn how to:
  • Become the “calm eye” in the storm of life
  • Increase perspective and awareness
  • Engage with power instead of force to influence and collaborate

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Karen captivates audiences with her engaging hands-on demonstrations. She left employees attending an exclusive TED-style event at Eli Lilly and Company energized and inspired with her Spiral Impact approach. Highly recommend Karen as a consultant, coach or guest speaker!  

Celeste Stanley, Program Designer, Eli Lilly Corporation

“Throughout our Momentum in Times of Disruption series, Karen let her expertise shine as she transformed a virtual setting into an engaging learning environment – everything from sharing experiences to standing up for movement exercises. Karen’s unique and effective methodology reinforces her as a leader in the field, and absolutely makes her a top choice for speaking & coaching needs!”

HealthCare BusinessWomen Association, Central Region

“There are many presentations on conflict out there but this one was much different — it was outstanding and made the evening meeting a great deal of fun. It was lively with attendee participation… Karen is a presenter with flare and the ability to get the point across.”
Western Ohio ASTD

“I don’t usually write speaker fan mail, but the high quality of Karen’s presentation content, combined with her platform skills made her presentation one of the high points of a very high quality program.”
Indiana State SHRM Conference

“Karen worked closely with me to customize a presentation that would be most beneficial to our organization, something very useful that attendees could take home and apply not only in work, but life as well. Karen provided all of that in a top-notch program.”
WomenHeart National Conference

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Karen Valencic

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