A simple typo of ‘north’ instead of ‘south’ in the directions set me up to be late to a meeting.

As a stickler for punctuality, I could feel my heart begin to pound while my mind raced thinking of how to explain my tardiness.

Enter Spiral Impact.

The tension in my gut was a clear signal for me to breathe and center.  As I did, it allowed me to relax enough to be capable of seeing both the error and solution easily.   My initial anxiety had caused a temporary ‘blindness’.  Does that ever happen to you?

Turned out, I wasn’t late. Breathing and centering saved the day.

However, when I reflect on the experience, what I find most interesting is what I would have said to defend why I was late..when I was in fear…before I centered. Had I shared that with my client it could have been detrimental to the relationship as it was about his directions

As I continue to discipline the words I speak, I find this question extremely helpful to ask myself prior to speaking or writing:

 What is it like to be on the receiving end of my communication?


  • What is the intention of your communication?
  • If someone can’t change something, there is no need to comment, i.e.,  a person’s height, age, state of relationship
  • How will the person feel after you’ve spoken?
  • Do your words honor yourself and others?
  • Are you clear, or are you thinking out loud?  What does your listener leave understanding?
  • Does your message add value or make a difference?

What other considerations can you add?

Warm regards,