Puzzle Pieces Everywhere!

Puzzle Pieces Everywhere!

I hope you and loved ones are well. Here is what's on my mind lately...   Imagine: puzzle pieces falling everywhere when a jigsaw puzzle is thrown into the air. That is an image that comes to my mind when major disruption happens. Pieces get lost. Past efforts...

Spirals are powerful – direct yours

Spirals are powerful – direct yours

Uncertainty and volatility trigger me to deepen my practice of Spiral Impact concepts rather than succumb to fear and anxiety. Spirals are incredibly powerful. When external forces push me to spiral down or out of control, I practice the keys of Spiral Impact, which...

Ahh-Yes!  Too Many Stories, Oh My…

Ahh-Yes! Too Many Stories, Oh My…

When I was young, I dreamt of being a singer. However, I told myself a story for years that when I sang, people left the room to escape my squeaky voice. Discouraged, I chose a very different path of study, engineering. I eventually found my voice of expression...

Ahh…Yes!  Did you see this through the noise?

Ahh…Yes! Did you see this through the noise?

What I've been thinking about lately… Simone Biles' recent unparalleled performance in gymnastics caused me great pause, how she balances on a narrow beam, flips multiple times in the air, glides from high to low bars, and jumps with style over a horse then…lands on...

Ahh….Yes!  Turning a hot mess to a cool breeze

Ahh….Yes! Turning a hot mess to a cool breeze

“Problems cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them”, is attributed to Einstein over 75 years ago. This still holds true, particularly in challenging communications. Many people address conflict at the level it was created by rehashing and building...

Ahh…Yes! What the fit?

Ahh…Yes! What the fit?

Good fit in our work, relationships, and, yes, shoes - brings energy and joy into our lives! I recently bought a new pair of shoes. They were very snug, the salesman assured me they would stretch because of the material. I was a little skeptical, but I bought them...

Ahh…Yes! Communication  in a Pothole!

Ahh…Yes! Communication in a Pothole!

It’s that time of year again when dodging potholes becomes a sport here in Indy - another aspect of ‘March Madness.’  In my little Mini Cooper hitting a pothole really shakes me up! Hitting a communication ‘pothole’ can also shake a person up.  Potholes are voids...

Ahh…Yes!  Clearity for You and Your Team

Ahh…Yes! Clearity for You and Your Team

I hope this finds your new year off to a great beginning! As a New Year begins, I like to  pick a theme for the year.  That theme was clarity. Having clarity means my actions and words align with my values and purpose.  This keeps me going in a desired productive...

A Centered Holiday? Ahh Yes!   Four tips

A Centered Holiday? Ahh Yes! Four tips

The meaning and experience of the holidays varies widely for everyone.   Expectations may conflict with our actual experience.   For me personally, I approach the season the same as I would any event, athletic or professional, and prepare myself. In true “Spiral...

Rick Needs an Egg Count – You In?

Rick Needs an Egg Count – You In?

Momentum at the Intersection of Change – Innovation – Conflict  Do you and your team ever feel: Overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change? Frustrated with trying to getting agreement and alignment? Insecure with uncertainty? Lost about what to do next? It’s not...

Ahhh…Yes! Ask, Understand, and Adjust

Randomly across industries I've been surveying leaders about momentum. Just like you, I need to understand what is going on in the groups I serve - ask, understand and adjust if needed. Here I share two of the questions and the answers I received. Digging deeper here...

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