Ahhh Yes!  When loud creates unwanted silence

Ahhh Yes! When loud creates unwanted silence

When loud creates silence - click on red photo right below for video or read below. Recently I was having a conversation with my mom. She clearly didn't hear what I was saying, so I repeated myself but...

Blueprint for Separation

Blueprint for Separation

My inner poet was feeling a need to express...I hope you enjoy and find the message helpful! Just talk to them— I suggest. No! They will never change— Staking your claim. Separation wins. It’s easy. But is it reality, a projection, or an excuse? Impossible to know...

Ahh…Yes!  Parting Ways

Ahh…Yes! Parting Ways

I used to do whatever it took to preserve relationships. Then, when I first saw the martial art, aikido, my eyes slammed open. It hit me that ‘doing whatever it takes’ is a great disservice to myself and others.  (Aikido provides a model of conflict mastery in which...

Ahh…Yes!  Clearity for You and Your Team

Ahh…Yes! Clearity for You and Your Team

I hope this finds your new year off to a great beginning! Several years ago at the new year, as I was clearing out old files and closets, I thought of a new word: Clearity Clearity is a state of being that is clear of things that drag on you.  Think of a clean canvas,...

Honor Yourself and Others this Holiday Season

Honor Yourself and Others this Holiday Season

Blessings to you and all of those you care about this Holiday Season! I can be tricky to honor both yourself and others, if you leave yourself out that takes a toll! Holidays can set the perfect stage for destructive conflict. I offer you these tips!  Let me know how...

Stop Pushing!  It Alienates. To Get Buy In Do This…

Stop Pushing! It Alienates. To Get Buy In Do This…

An executive coach asked me a few years ago, “If you had the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want to scream it from the rooftops?” He was surprised when I said, “No.” Many years ago, I learned the hard way that making definitive claims, being too enthusiastic about...

Ahh…Yes!  Don’t Yuck the Yum!

Ahh…Yes! Don’t Yuck the Yum!

Memorial Day weekend I was invited to join a group of friends for the Indy 500. The seats were fantastic. I welcomed a social event after a year of covid caution.  Score for me, something I wanted to do!  It certainly wasn’t the first time or the last time for me to...

Ahhh…Yes!   Got Momentum?

Ahhh…Yes! Got Momentum?

The wheels of change continue to turn, how is that going for you?  For me, it feels odd to be physically around people again.  I am reminded of my momentum wheel.  I find the awareness of this helpful, smoothing the turbulence of change! Change, conflict, and...

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