Is sharpening enough? How do you know?

Is sharpening enough? How do you know?

Stories are such a great way of making a point. Here is an embarrassing, painful, and bloody story about myself! While this story is about my chef’s knife, I intend to relate it to leadership and communication skills. Sharpening skills is a play-on-words,...

Don’t say ‘Just Breathe’!

When is it a bad idea to tell someone, “Just breathe”?  A lot of times it’s a bad idea.  I find we often say that when someone’s going through a difficult time, and we don’t know what else to say.   But it can feel very condescending to the person...
Silent Nuanced Energy Stoppers

Silent Nuanced Energy Stoppers

My engineer self is inspiring me this month! Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form.* Preparing for Lead with Power & Heart Masterclass for Executives, I review my experience with leadership blind spots that stop the energy of their team...

Spiral Question

What do you need to cut through to focus? I feel a little nervous sharing this as it’s not perfect, though in that is the pull to share – this video as a visual image of focus. My art, aikido, is grounded in Japanese sword. One gift of sword practice is it...

Spiral Daily

Who is the absolutely best company? YOU! Open the door to your center. When you are centered you enjoy yourself and others. If you are not centered, you leave your true self out and are more likely to get caught up in the negativity of others. Your thoughts? As a new...

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