Blueprint for Separation

Blueprint for Separation

My inner poet was feeling a need to express…I hope you enjoy and find the message helpful! Just talk to them— I suggest. No! They will never change— Staking your claim. Separation wins. It’s easy. But is it reality, a projection, or an excuse? Impossible to know...

Spiral Question

When do we stop seeing innocence?  A fawn was born in my backyard over the weekend. When I oened the backdoor I startled the mom, she ran off leaving the fawn to wobble to this location. Deer are not an unusual site around here. I always see them with a mix of...
Ahh…Yes!  Parting Ways

Ahh…Yes! Parting Ways

I used to do whatever it took to preserve relationships. Then, when I first saw the martial art, aikido, my eyes slammed open. It hit me that ‘doing whatever it takes’ is a great disservice to myself and others.  (Aikido provides a model of conflict mastery in which...

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