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What gives you JOMO? Two acroynms that are new to me (am I dating myself?!) FOMO – Fear of Missing Out JOMO – Joy of Missing Out JOMO happens when you are in Joy with where you are and what you are doing – you aren’t in FOMO because your focus...

Spiral Question

What new do you choose to take forward from your pandemic experience, so far? We are not at the end. Whether you’ve been sheltering in place by yourself or with your family, working from home, working intensely in difficult circumstances or without a job –...
Puzzle Pieces Everywhere!

Puzzle Pieces Everywhere!

I hope you and loved ones are well. Here is what’s on my mind lately…   Imagine: puzzle pieces falling everywhere when a jigsaw puzzle is thrown into the air. That is an image that comes to my mind when major disruption happens. Pieces get lost. Past...

Spiral Question

What three things to consider when you are feeling down? http://www.vimeo.com/412958220 This is part of a video 3-Tip  series  I’ve been creating.  Hope you don’t mind the change!   Develop Power with Grace.  Asking thoughtful questions is one aspect....

What does the nose know?

What does the nose know? It knows how to clean and warm air, which calms your nervous system. Try this experiment – take a few breaths in and out of your mouth, then switch to your nose. What do you notice? We are designed to be nose breathers. When we breathe...

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