Spiral Question

Are you like a thermometer, or thermostat? A thermometer tells you the temperature. It is set. You are at it’s mercy. If you are like a thermostat you are capable of setting the temperature. By: Centering Looking for solutions Shifting your perspective Asking...
Ahhh Yes!  When loud creates unwanted silence

Ahhh Yes! When loud creates unwanted silence

When loud creates silence – click on red photo right below for video or read below. Recently I was having a conversation with my mom. She clearly didn’t hear what I was saying, so I repeated myself but louder.   She abruptly went silent and left the room....

Spiral Question

How do you feel right now? As you pause and take a deep breath, are you frustrated, angry, fearful, stressed? If so, want to be focused and balance? Your feelings are a good indication of how aligned you are with your center. A hurricane is a good analogy –...
Blueprint for Separation

Blueprint for Separation

My inner poet was feeling a need to express…I hope you enjoy and find the message helpful! Just talk to them— I suggest. No! They will never change— Staking your claim. Separation wins. It’s easy. But is it reality, a projection, or an excuse? Impossible to know...

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