Spiral Question

When is the last time you swung on a swing? I love swinging on swings. Swinging requires center. I believe that is why it makes you feel peaceful and energized. Do you remember that feeling?  It makes me smile when I recall! A wonderful thing about recalling a memory...

Ahh Yes! Now What?

Destructive conflict zaps our energy and humanity.   If you’ve paid attention to our election process you know what I mean. The ballots are counted. United States has a new president AND the divisions continue. Now what? Everyone has a choice. Continue feeding the...
Ahh…Yes!  Solid in Gold

Ahh…Yes! Solid in Gold

Have you tuned into the Olympics?   Elite athletic performance is always a refreshing shift of focus from the rest of the news for me. Watching the Olympics is always inspiring to me.  Every four years the feats accomplished expand! It causes me to pause and think...

Spiral Daily 296

How do you move someone whose heels are dug into the ground on an issue? Spiral Impact – Acknowledge and/or ask a question. Trying to convince someone through information (statements) digs their heels in deeper. The best questions foster understanding, spark...

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