Does your team crank or zoom?

Does your team crank or zoom?

What is the difference between a ‘crank’, a ‘start’ and a ‘zoom’? Answer: One is a singular task the other two are collaborative intents.   Why is this important? As an automotive engineer, my first career, I designed cranking motors, known to most people as...

Team Development and ‘MoneyBall’

I just expected entertainment.  What I got was a great story about business acumen, conflict resolution and team building from the baseball movie, Moneyball. So often in decision-making, emotions and history cloud the facts hiding the real problem.  Brad Pitt plays...

What to do about Office Gossip?

Spiral Impact Q & A Question:  What to do about Office Gossip? Answer: Karen shares how to Spiral Impact this challenge with simple and practical suggestions for individuals and teams/organizations.  Join the conversation! Do you have...

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