What is the difference between a ‘crank’, a ‘start’ and a ‘zoom’? Answer: One is a singular task the other two are collaborative intents.   Why is this important?

As an automotive engineer, my first career, I designed cranking motors, known to most people as ‘starters.’ The role of the starter is to, duh, start your car. When I began this role the first question I asked was, “Why do we call these cranking motors instead of starters like the rest of the world?”

I was told, “It is our job to crank the engine. Whether it starts or not is someone else’s problem.” That was a focus on a:

Singular Task

cranking motor – starter

For a car to actually start a lot other things need to be aligned and connected. Anyone who has burned up a starter has learned this first hand.   If the ignition, gas, timing, oil, electrical supply are not aligned and connected the car will not start regardless of being cranked over and over. To ‘start’ and ‘zoom away’ requires:

Alignment with Collaborative Intent


What about your team?
Do you have a people ‘cranking’ away at a singular task unconcerned about collaborative intent burning up your profits and energy?
Or, are you collaborating with all stakeholders and providing the best for your customers?!