What Habits Support You?

Unconscious Habits Provide Incredible Support During this dramatic change of life style it’s easy to let productive habits go.  What one habit can you commit to that serves you well? For me it is getting up at 6:30 AM. Getting up at that time sets me up for a...

Spiral Question

What do the words ‘unexpected wait’ conjure up for you?   The choice is always yours.  You are where you are and sometimes that is beyond your control. You could: Worry Be angry and blaming Use the time to read or write Look about you and explore the place and...
Video blog – Suprise!  Opposite Communication

Video blog – Suprise! Opposite Communication

Situation comedies are often based on communication getting an unexpected or surprising response.  In a comedy it is funny, but in our professional and family lives not so much.  I notice in my work how often people will get the opposite of what they want when...

Spiral Question

What is the difference between nice and sincere? Nice tends to hide an unspoken lie. Sincerity is honesty tempered with kindness. Tip: To be sincere apply Spiral Impact concepts: Think through your Intention Center Ask Questions & Acknowledge   What tips can...

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