I want to wrap my arms around all peace-loving people in the world. The events in the Middle East, Ukraine (and many other places) are terrifying. Our congress is frustrating too.

What to do when you can’t control or directly help? Sure, contribute, volunteer, pray, and take care of yourself. All of these are important.

For me, these times are a also a clarion call to do my work and resolve any dysfunctional conflict I hold. Any conflict I have is a cakewalk compared to what others are enduring.

As Gandhi said, “We must be the peace we want to see in the world.”

Will you join me in taking steps to resolve any discord you have? I don’t mean roll over or settle – Take the appropriate action to shift it – Spiral Impact it!

I just dealt with something I was avoiding what a relief….what will you do?
Blessings,  Karen

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