Special Event – Nov 30 – Breakfast and Momentum!

Special Event – Nov 30 – Breakfast and Momentum!

Momentum at the Intersection of Change – Innovation – Conflict  Do you and your team ever feel: Overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change? Frustrated with trying to getting agreement and alignment? Insecure with uncertainty? Lost about what to do next? It’s not...

Ahh…Yes!  Behavior Drowns Viewpoint

Ahh…Yes! Behavior Drowns Viewpoint

Fascinating times. Very reflective for me. I am curious: If SNL did a parody* about you, could you smile (or even laugh) or would you condemn? When I observe the news and even occasionally my own responses to disagreement, for me, it begs these two questions, “Did I...

Ahh – Yes!  Focus your energy – like a newer car!

Ahh – Yes! Focus your energy – like a newer car!

Freedom of acceleration, maximum control and maneuverability kept me at the wheel of my little sports car for 14 years. I felt resistance to the newer cars that seemed to want to take control away from me. But the time came and I succumbed to a newer model. Well, it...

Three Misconceptions about Power

Three Misconceptions about Power

I recently took another black belt test in Aikido.  With 28 years of practice under my belt I found this one to be quite fun!  This was also a time of reflection about what continues to motivate my practice.  I hope this reflection will be valuable to you. As our...

Solve Your Resource Issues: Rise Up!

Solve Your Resource Issues: Rise Up!

“I have too many resources!” said no one, ever. In fact, my leadership survey revealed that resource strain is the #2 drag on forward momentum for most teams. Interestingly, the origin of the word resource holds the key to a solution. At its root, resource means “rise...

Force versus Power

Force versus Power

How you choose between using force vs. using power impacts every interaction you have — even if you’re interacting only with yourself. Do you know what that difference is? Believe it or not, the answer is based in physics.

Watch now.

Ahh Yes! On a dark street in Boston

Ahh Yes! On a dark street in Boston

During these times...this feels right to share again. Those of you who have experienced Spiral Impact know I am a long time student of the martial art, aikido. Spiral Impact, a collaboration/mastering conflict method, is grounded in aikido principles. Fequentlly I am...

Power and Force – Distinction

Transcript: Have you ever considered the distinction between power and force and how your choice of which to use impacts your interactions with yourself or others? I have spent a couple-three decades exploring this...

Ahh…Yes!  Stick the landing

Ahh…Yes! Stick the landing

I love the Olympics. What a great time to turn our attention to elite performance and the World coming together for good! Flawlessly adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances is the hallmark of champions. Athletic performance is an in-your-face visual representation...

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