Ahh…Yes!  Don’t Yuck the Yum!

Ahh…Yes! Don’t Yuck the Yum!

Memorial Day weekend I was invited to join a group of friends for the Indy 500. The seats were fantastic. I welcomed a social event after a year of covid caution.  Score for me, something I wanted to do!  It certainly wasn’t the first time or the last time for me to...

Ahhh…Yes!   Got Momentum?

Ahhh…Yes! Got Momentum?

The wheels of change continue to turn, how is that going for you?  For me, it feels odd to be physically around people again.  I am reminded of my momentum wheel.  I find the awareness of this helpful, smoothing the turbulence of change! Change, conflict, and...

What Highway Styles are on Your Team?

What Highway Styles are on Your Team?

Recently, I had the delight of taking a long-distance road trip.  For me the road is a canvas for thinking and dreaming. The Zen saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything,” came to mind as I noticed drivers’ varied strategies on the highway.  The parallels...

The Pivot Paradox

Ouch! Ever been slammed by a swinging door?  If so, you’ve experienced the downside of a pivot.  It can hurt and make you feel stupid! In the martial arts, if you pivot away from a punch it will save you.  However, unless you add another move, you’re likely to get...

Ahh….YES!  Boxes or Bridges?

Ahh….YES! Boxes or Bridges?

What is easy in the moment – judgment, separation, and even condemnation – is actually more difficult and costly in the medium and long-run. While division is playing out overtly big time in our nation – division can happen on a covert scale in the workplace and our...

When your English Professor Reviews your Book!

When your English Professor Reviews your Book!

A very special thank you to Dr. Tierney for a deep, insightful, and educational review of the Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact! REVIEW OF SPIRAL IMPACT: The Power to Get It Done with Grace, Karen Valencic (Black Belt Edition, 2020 Indianapolis, Niche Pressworks....

Ahhh…Yes!  When does a green light mean ‘GO’?

Ahhh…Yes! When does a green light mean ‘GO’?

During this extraordinary time, many of us are making new business and life decisions. Here is a recent reminder for me, which I hope you’ll find valuable. The bright green light turn arrow was huge. I still see it in my mind’s eye. It was my right-of-way no question...

Exposed!  The Irony of Masks

Exposed! The Irony of Masks

There is a certain irony of how a mask requirement, intended to cover and protect, exposes differences and opportunities for more productive ways to communicate among families, employers, and neighbors. Like most people, I so desire our society to be able to gather...

Thanksgiving 2020 – Five Tips for Grace

Thanksgiving 2020 – Five Tips for Grace

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Perhaps like me, yours will be different this year too. Despite the adjustments – I am committed to keeping it my favorite Holiday. When there is change and conflict, Spiral Impacting brings grace to the situation. Spiral Impact is...

Ahh…Yes!  Blooming with Zooming!

Ahh…Yes! Blooming with Zooming!

Zoom fatigue has quickly become a 2020 mantra. But, just like any communication medium Zoom has the capacity to deplete us OR energize us.  I’ve been experimenting with different methods of engagement in Zoom meetings, noticing that my message actually blooms with...

Master Conflict. Be More Free. Free Video Conversation

Master Conflict. Be More Free. The most Googled term associated with conflict is “management.” Don’t do it! Managing conflict can be almost as unproductive as ignoring it. Surprised? Learn more: To give you a small taste of the Conflict and Change aspect of the Spiral...

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