That habit that is just not quite sticking?  Perhaps that is a good thing.  I’ve rethought habits recently and have a different perspective!

I tested for and received my 3rd Dan Blackbelt in Aikido in December. This time around, I unlearned as I prepared. I was blessed to study with Sensei Lisa Tomoleoni, a gifted 6th Dan. 

She has a mantra, ‘forget muscle memory’.

At first, I silently questioned her suggestion. After all, being automatic in my response I thought was a good idea.  Then, at any moment, I’d be ready with the ‘right’ technique, the correct response.

Now, I see I was wrong.

She eloquently shared alternative ways to respond to common attacks that most aikidoists have practiced a certain way for years – muscle memory. It was stunning how much more effective a slight shift in direction could be! However, moving past muscle memory is difficult! 

Muscle memory numbs our awareness. Habits can make us blind and forgetful.

Our habits of responding to people, reacting in conflict, and even brushing our teeth can be ineffective.

Today, I am clear there is only one type of habit to focus on – those that foster centered presence!

I’d love to know your thoughts and experience!
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