A loud BLAST followed by a shower of BLUE SPARKS out the back window shattered our pleasant pre-Thanksgiving visit in front of a gently burning fire.

Surrounded by quiet and dark, we looked at each other. What just happened?

As I brought out candles, this brought to mind all the peace-loving people caught in violence in so many corners of our world.

This sudden change of atmosphere is an infinitesimally small fraction of what they are experiencing. After all, we still had structural safety (I assumed), water, food, and transportation. Likely, AES would be there to restore power soon.

This time of Thanksgiving in the United States reminds me of how blessed I am. The BLAST a welcomed reminder to appreciate my comforts and freedom.  And to keep all those without comfort and freedom in my heart.

What happened? Unfortunately, a squirrel got caught in a transformer. Another reminder to pay attention to what we walk into!

Wishing you a centered, warm, and peace-filled Thanksgiving!

Karen Valencic