People are outraged.   Protests are happening all over the country over Trayvon Martin’s death.

I feel sad when anyone is killed.  This is no exception.

However, last night watching Anderson Cooper’s report I got this sick feeling in my gut.  What if all the initial reporting is wrong?  What if the country is rushing to judge Zimmerman without knowing the details?

How often we do this we on an interpersonal level?  Something happens and we make conclusions based on not enough information?  So often, this is the case.

Somebody tells you something about someone else; you are outraged or mildly upset before you ask more questions.  When you learn more, you realize there is more to the story.

To Spiral Impact: when you feel stressed, Spiral Impact to learn more.  Turn your statements (He is….) to questions, acknowledgements or both (What really happened?).

I am going to Spiral Impact the Trayvon Martin situation and wait until more confirmed information is available.

In the meantime, I’ve learned about ‘stand your ground’ laws.  I trust something good comes out of this tragedy.   At this point, I am not sure what it is, but national conversation is a beginning.

Share your thoughts….Thank you.