Updated from 2013 to 2020!

Grrgh!   The coronavirus has dictated a change in how I practice my beloved art, Aikido, for a while now. While frustrating, it has forced me to reconsider the intent of my practice.  My intent is to study relationship, honor, and self.   How I practice has had to change, yet my committment to my intent deepened. Otherwise, I’d stop practicing.

 As change happens – clarify intent – deepen committment

Change is dependable.  You don’t have to push or prod it; and it always shows up on time, at least in retrospect.  This is true whether your intent is helping people, innovating the next life-changing product, or improving performance.

The business world is writhe with change.  Change is a form of conflict; it pushes us to improve and clarify what we are doing collectively and individually.

When change happens, intended or not, here are three great questions to ask yourself:

  • Why are you doing what you do?  What is your intent or purpose? 
  • In what way does the change offer you the ability to more fully realize your intent?
  • Was what you were doing fulfilling your intent? If it wasn’t, then the change is definitely an opportunity!

The last several years I’ve noticed a pattern, those who clarify intent through change tend to land in a more preferable place.   Simple idea, not necessarily easy!

Back to my aikido practice… if anything, today’s situation has deepened and expanded my practice!  Deepened because the inner part of aikido is the focus; expanded because many teachers offer online courses and are now more assessable! At some point in time, change reveals its gifts!

Do you have a change story to share?  Please share on the blog!

With energy! Karen