I’ve been blessed to have ‘moments’ that shift my life in a significant good way.

I feel slightly embarrassed to admit…one of those moments was triggered by the television show The Good Wife. Tuning into the drama regularly was a way for me to unplug from my world — into someone else’s.

Recently, there was a radical violent exit of one of the shows main characters.

What was significant for me is how traumatized I felt!  Recognizing how much of my precious energy I gave to this fictional event feels a bit foolish to me.

dreamstime_xs_14392135The shift for me is being conscious about the things I ‘take in’.

I am stepping up my game a bit…really paying attention to the things that give me energy and the things that take it.

The good thing is there are so many things available that do add value. I plug into the many TedTalks or the History channel, go outside in nature, exercising are great exchanges for me.

What about you?