Have you ever shared sake?sake

Sake etiquette is to fill your companions’ cups and allow your companions to fill yours. This is the tradition. Sharing a flask of sake, each pours for the other, no one pours his own.

This sounds easy, although, I notice it is difficult!

It is so easy to get absorbed in one’s own needs.

The sake cups are very small, and can be consumed rather rapidly in our American way. Asking someone to pour for you seems a little aggressive, like asking someone to listen to you. Suddenly realizing your companions’ glasses are empty and you’ve not noticed is a little humbling.

Following the etiquette requires paying close attention to others.

Aside from drinking sake, how attentive are you to the people you are with? Would you even notice if they had a need they didn’t verbalize?

I find ‘centered’ listening is particularly helpful to paying attention.

What about you?