What Habits Support You?

Unconscious Habits Provide Incredible Support During this dramatic change of life style it’s easy to let productive habits go.  What one habit can you commit to that serves you well? For me it is getting up at 6:30 AM. Getting up at that time sets me up for a...

What if, you slow down and look closer?

    It is easy to walk right by these tiny gems. But if you slow down, breathe, and look – sweet newness is revealed. It’s a tough time. What does it take for you to look closer for the tiny gifts, the possibilities? Conflict creates innovation....

What are you planting now?

What are you planting now?   I planted these seeds two weeks ago when we were just learning about the coronavirus. Look they don’t care about our fears – they are just growing! I am also planting calm, kindness, and deeper center for myself and those...

How do you navigate the edge?

How do you navigate the edge?   There is an edge today. What do you do? I was at a Starbucks yesterday. The man in front of me left without his coffee angry about incompetence. When I went to the counter, I realized the woman was on her first day.  I gave her...
Spirals are powerful – direct yours

Spirals are powerful – direct yours

Uncertainty and volatility trigger me to deepen my practice of Spiral Impact concepts rather than succumb to fear and anxiety. Spirals are incredibly powerful. When external forces push me to spiral down or out of control, I practice the keys of Spiral Impact, which...

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