Mark Geragos and Pat Harris wrote a book Mistrial that every conscientious citizen should read.  It is well written, entertaining, and enlightening.

I’ve always admired Mark for his calm clear presence when interviewed by Larry King or Anderson Cooper.  My daughter is a 2L in Law School and very interested in criminal defense.  I must admit I’ve been gently trying to persuade her to the ‘other’ side.

Mistrial has not only changed my mind about the importance of good defense attorneys, it has made me feel appalled by what happens to people who get caught up in a legal issue.  It has made me mistrust even more what I hear on the news.  And, made me very aware of the precariousness of the legal system.  Reading this book will educate you in some very good ways.

Also, as a communications ‘expert’ it has made me even more aware that asking questions before making judgment is so very important.  Just because the world is screaming GUILT, doesn’t make it so.