I was in a communication pickle yesterday.   The prior day I was texting with several people whose names are not in my contact list, they showed up on my phone as numbers rather than names.

In the morning, I continued one of the conversations.  The response I received was baffling; as if I was talking to someone I didn’t know.  As the conversation continued I felt more confused and annoyed…something wasn’t right.  I must admit, initially, I was making some conclusions about how this person must not have listened to me very well in the past

Then, the chime of a new text rang.  Time stopped. Oops, I flushed with embarrassment.

This new text was from the person I thought I was communicating with.  I indeed was texting with someone I really didn’t know!   At least, I didn’t know in the context of what I was texting about. I was in a texting tangle!

I immediately called the person and apologized for what was also confusing to him.

The ease at which we can communicate can create some embarressing conflict.  I share this so you may be wary of texting tangles!