I went out for entertainment and laughs.
What I got was an ‘over the top’ demonstration of listening power.  

Christian & Katalina’s Mind Tripping show was fantastic.

The magical aspect of mindreading is so intriguing.  In my field of team and leadership development, ‘Don’t expect me to read your mind,’  is a common excuse. From now on I will respond differently to this statement.

Reading minds and nonverbal cues provide critical information, particularly for leaders.

The trick is to give the unspoken
thought a voice.

How do you do this?

  • Listen with all  your senses to hear what is behind the words, hear nonverbal cues, the unspoken words
  • Draw out information by asking open ended questions
  • Practice centering daily – become the calm eye of the storm – without this good listening is impossible
  • Avoid multi-tasking while listening; mindreading requires full attention

What magic tips do you have to become an ‘over the top’ mind reader?