When do we stop seeing innocence? 

A fawn was born in my backyard over the weekend.
When I oened the backdoor I startled the mom, she ran off
leaving the fawn to wobble to this location.

Deer are not an unusual site around here.
I always see them with a mix of annoyance and delight.
I’ve adapted my yard to only ‘deer resistance’ plantings as to live in harmony with them; trying to barrier them away doesn’t work.

The presence of this innocent fawn caused me to feel overly protective.
It also made me think…
When do we stop seeing innocence?
Not just in deer but in people.

It seems when they start doing something we don’t want them to do, infringing on our space, or disagreeing with us – we no longer see their innocence.
What if we looked beyond their behavior for their innocence?
Would we see their behavior different?
Would we react different?
Would it be easier to feel compassion?


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