How to win — yourself?

How to win — yourself?

Recently, I spent time with a group of people composed of radically different perspectives than my own.   I was able to be more curious than appalled at the intense viewpoints that directly oppose my values and beliefs. How was I able to do this? Agatsu. One of my...

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What happens when you jump on a bandwagon? It’s very difficult to hear any other points of view!  And, a lot of people tune you out! I’ve been guilty of this at times. What seems obvious as ‘truth’ to me isn’t for everyone. This is when...

Spiral Daily 183

What do you do to be sure another’s mind is open to receive what you are about to say? Just like opening a door, before you start talking good idea to make sure someone is open to listen. I suggest asking some sort of question, making eye contact, noticing...

Spiral Daily 178

If what you resist persists, what makes you resist? Try letting it go and see what happens! The best questions foster understanding, spark innovation, diffuse negative conflict, and build influence – Spiral Daily poses one question each work day. If you’d...

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