Are your mind and body in the same place?

When our mind and body are in the same place it’s called being in the present.
There is peace and power that accompany being in the present.
Worrying about the future,
Fretting about the past,
Looking at technology while our body is moving in space,
Racing as to be not late,
Trying to control the uncontrollable,
all are ways our bodys and minds separate.

During these challenging times being in the present is one of the most valuable ways you can spend time.
How to do so?
Use technology only when you are stationary.
When you notice your mind being in a different place than your body, bring your attention to your breath.
Practice staying focused on one thing at time…practice presence, be here now.
If your mind keeps going elsewhere, go with it if it serves you.
If it doesn’t serve you, write about it and then throw it away! Then, write or think about what you want NOW.

Laughing also helps!  What is funny to you?

What suggestions do you have?



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