What do you need to cut through to focus?

I feel a little nervous sharing this as it’s not perfect, though in that is the pull to share – this video as a visual image of focus. My art, aikido, is grounded in Japanese sword. One gift of sword practice is it amplifies all movement. Any wobble or slight off aim is magnified.

This year my intention is focus, which is one of the four keys of the Spiral Impact method. The sword is great reminder. I hope it might be a good visual for you too.

Perhaps like you, I have so many interests and there is so much that comes at us to distract our focus. The sword for me is about cutting away those things that don’t align with my values. As you can see it is also about being present and honoring what is in front and all around me.

I am offering a virtual masterclass for executives on January “Lead with Power and Heart.” The content is grounded in my martial training for leaders in their world of work.

More about this here: Link to MasterClass.


Develop Power with Grace. 
Asking thoughtful questions is one aspect.
The best questions foster understanding, spark innovation, diffuse negative conflict, and build influence –
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