How do you put the world back together?

One night a father was relaxing with newspaper in hand after a long day in the office. His son, who wanted to play, kept on pestering him.

Finally, fed up, the father ripped out a picture of the “world globe” (map in my photo) that filled a whole page in the paper and tore it in many pieces. ‘Here son, go ahead and try to put this back together,’ he said, hoping this would keep the little boy busy long enough for him to finish reading the paper.

To his amazement, his son returned after only one minute with the globe perfectly reassembled. When the startled father asked how he achieved this feat, the child smiled gently and replied, ‘Dad, on the other side of the globe there was a picture of a person, and once I got the person together, the world was okay.“

From: The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma (not sure if this the orginal but it isn’t sourced there)

How you doing with your part?

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