“If only they would…” a frustrated manager said about his team.

This statement is a wish. Wishing is powerless because it requires action by someone else.

Others do not hold you hostage.

Your belief that to have what you want requires a specific action by a specific person AND it is beyond your control – is what holds you hostage.

This belief eliminates possibility.

Enter: Spiral to make an Impact and open possibilities.

  • Clarify Intention – What is it you want that you do not have? In this case, a high functioning team.
  • Turn your statements into questions, acknowledgements or both. Does the manager know what the team defines as high functioning?   Instead of issuing orders has the manager asked questions back to the team to obtain their input? Has the manager asked himself, ‘what can I do differently?’
  • Center – When acting out of frustration rarely do you get engagement – get centered!
  • Support – Who is supporting you in the process? Do you need help?

Stop wishing…owning your communication, presence and behavior influences outcomes. Wishing does not .

In what other situations does this apply ?