Blessings to you and all of those you care about this Holiday Season!
I can be tricky to honor both yourself and others, if you leave yourself out that takes a toll!
Holidays can set the perfect stage for destructive conflict.
I offer you these tips!  Let me know how it goes.
Please add other tips in the comment section!

Five Spiral Impact® Tips to Honor Yourself and Others
during the Holiday Season.


Decide what is important to you ahead of time, remind yourself each day.
This time of year comes with a lot of emotional history and expectations both conscious and unconscious. Choose what matters most to you. It’s best if it doesn’t require someone else to do something or act in some way. For me, this is about choosing joy and being in the moment. Sure, I get tested. And I refocus.

It’s okay to say, “No, thank you” without trying to explain yourself.
Best if you can say this from centered clarity instead of defensively. Avoid consuming anything to please others whether it’s a drink, food, or negativity. Overcommitting to activities is also counterproductive. Explaining often digs you in a hole.

Carve out time for yourself and do what you know supports you.
Getting outside and moving, exercise, stretching, breathing, meditation and even middle of the day naps! All essential!

Hear others’ opinions without arguing or agreeing if you don’t.
This is a at the heart of Spiral Impact concepts. While this is a skill that takes conscious effort to develop. In a nutshell, I find the following helpful. Ask,“Tell me more about that?” to make sure I understand. If I disagree, then I say, “I see it differently.” If they ask how I see it, I’ll respond. If not, I don’t as it is often wasted words. Again, this is a quick tip…would love to explore more with you if you are interested.

Reach out to others who may be alone or going through trauma.
Everyone is going through stuff right now. Some hide it well. Others just hide. Even a simple text can be helpful.

On a final note, I am seeing first-hand what our healthcare workers are going through.
Do what you can to lower their load.
Get Vaccinated.
The numbers don’t lie.

Blessings to you,   Karen

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