The best and only assumption you can make is:

You don’t really understand other people,

even if you think you know them well.


This applies to other races, cultures, genders, and big time to the people closest to you.  Any other assumption you make is likely wrong!

I’ve worked with people for years on communication. This assumption is true. I could fill a book with examples, yet I want to make this Ahh…Yes short, concise, and pose a question.

If you apply the assumption – you don’t understand others – to everyone, how will you approach them differently? Or will you? If you are reading this, you know a bit about Spiral Impact. What aspects of Spiral Impact can you apply?  Hint:  every aspect helps!

I believe our culture is opening to more understanding.  Lifting the fog!  I think it’s exciting!

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Thank you!  Let’s roll!  Karen