Fascinating times. Very reflective for me. I am curious:

If SNL did a parody* about you, could you smile (or even laugh) or would you condemn?

When I observe the news and even occasionally my own responses to disagreement, for me, it begs these two questions, “Did I show up consistent with my values? Do I feel good about the ‘me’ that showed up?”

I believe if your behavior reflects your values, you are more likely to be able to smile at the parody. Note, I am talking behavior, not viewpoint.

Behavior drowns viewpoint.

I am reminded years ago of a leader yelling at his staff to be nicer to each other. What do you think the staff heard? Or, even a parent yelling at children to stop fighting. What do the children hear? Or, a manager inappropriately criticizing a team member or giving no feedback at all. People ‘hear’ the behavior, not the viewpoint.

Differences are everywhere. Can you stand in the differences and have behavior consistent with your values? There is never a better time to sharpen centering skills, so you can spiral and make a positive impact.

I’d love your thoughts….

*Parody: an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.