Karen here.  Got a question for you.  What if your driving is a model of how you live the rest of your life?

Do you get stressed out with people who break the rules? Do you speed? Do you yell at people in your mind, or out loud?

My friend and colleague, Deseri Garcia, always says, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  

I think driving is like that.

One of the things I do with clients, people who want to have power with grace and master conflict, I teach them to use driving as a centering practice.   Put that seatbelt over your hara, your center, and breathe.

What you will find is you’ll have more awareness of the things going on around you and you will be more calm when you get to where you are going.

Most of the people who read/listen to me are drivers.  But, even if you ride the subway or train, same thing this is a great time to practice breathing and create more awareness around you.  Then you can take that practice into whatever you spend your days loving to do!

Just a thought, Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Got to stop at this stop sign.

If you’d like guidance listen to my “Strengthen your Strength and Balance while Driving” audio.