What does that mean?



I find it so fascinating to explore the topic of conflict with people. It so interesting how everyone experiences it so differently. I have people who:
• Love conflict
• Hate conflict and will do just about anything to avoid it
• Want to manage it or resolve to get rid of it
• Want to create it so they can innovate
• Feel they have no conflict
For me and my clients, my goal is to master conflict. Because when you can master conflict you achieve certain degree of freedom in your life. Now what is mastery? I love George Leonard’s definition of mastery:

“Mastery is not perfection, it is a journey.
The true master tries and fails and tries and fails again, and again.”

How about you? What is your relationship with conflict? Are you mastering it? Are you getting what want out of your conflicts?
You might be sitting there thinking, “What is conflict anyway?”

I like to keep things really simple, and the simplest definition comes from the roots of the word, which are “to strike together”. So, I am pushing my fists together – this is conflict.

Now, to begin to master it, recognize there is a distinction between innovative conflict and destructive conflict. It is right here as we study these pushing fists. There is a very fine line between destructive and innovative conflict. It has to do with the length of time, the force and the speed of this impact. What is really tricky about this is it is different for everyone and every situation. It becomes a fascinating study.

If I’ve not meant you yet, I am Karen Valencic, founder of Spiral Impact. If you’d like to get more freedom by mastering conflict, please get in touch!