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Mastering the Art of Conflict
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[Transcription] Disruption can throw us upside down and sideways for a moment and for years. Conflict is really an integral part of disruption; it’s a natural part of it.

Mastering the art conflict is my specialty. I believe your conflict skills predict the quality of your life.  Mastering the art of conflict is not about perfection, but it is a practice that you stay with. My method, Spiral Impact® is grounded in concepts from martial arts and physics. It is practically applied to everyday life. I started, evolving this work 30 years ago.  I’ve worked with a lot of people. These concepts are tried and true – They Work.  Though, to really embody these principles takes support and practice.

I know you want to know, how you can embody this mastering conflict information?  Let me give you some options.  For one, I recently published the second edition of Spiral Impact, the Black Belt Edition.  This is very much a how-to book.  Easy to read.  Great examples and stories.

But if you really want to embody these principles, I believe it takes time, it takes support, and it takes feedback. That’s why I am offering some expanded virtual coaching, a continuum but deeper one-on-one coaching. Also small group coaching and continuing to do  virtual conferences. I hope you will find appealing.  Just like in this video, you too can learn how to take a fall fairly well unscathed and move toward your dreams.

If you increased your ability to:

Transform destructive conflict to creative outcomes
Have personal stability in chaotic times
Fluidity to move with and adapt to disruption
Create alignment when differences seem great
Bring out the best in people – lead through these changes 

Do you think you’d feel more alive and resilient? 

Close the gap between disruption and your human ability to adjust, keep up, maintain center, and get results!

Why now?

Times of disruption present times of great opportunity.  This quickening presents leaders with opportunities to increase their momentum and influence, and expand into change – not just to survive but also to thrive.

Embody the Spiral Impact concepts – build resilience and power
Equip your mind with tactics
Master your emotions with centering practice
Hardwire your responses through body memory


“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”
Our training is what we do daily, when things get challenging we may think we’ll ‘rise to expecations.’
We really do fall to our training.

One-on-One Coaching  

Team Development 

Larger Groups – Let’s talk specifics contact me here

Listen in to Mastering Conflict. Be more Free.

What do others say?  You may browse the website as well…here are a few:

“Karen Valencic is the go-to expert for anything that involves dealing with, managing, and working through CONFLICT. For over twenty years, Karen has specialized in helping people and organizations improve performance by understanding and mastering the art of conflict.
“What I like best about working with Karen is she is passionate about helping people and organizations get unstuck and deal with the real issues. She is also respected as a coach of leaders because she doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff and provides real strategies that have an immediate impact for all involved.”
Jan Green, Learning and Development Officer, Blue & Company, LLC

“Throughout our Momentum in Times of Disruption series, Karen let her expertise shine as she transformed a virtual setting into an engaging learning environment– everything from sharing experiences to standing up for movement exercises. Karen’s unique and effective methodology reinforces her as a leader in the field, and absolutely makes her a top choice for speaking & coaching needs!”  HBA Central Region

“Karen provided a number of tools and techniques for how to manage competing priorities within the workplace, creating alignment while remaining calm and balanced. Thank you, Karen and Spiral Impact for these practical and powerful tools.”
Bob Rodenbeck, Director, Delta Faucet