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How Great Leaders Thrive by Mastering the Art of Conflict
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015  Noon-1 PM EST

A BOLD claim – Master the art of conflict. Yet to thrive in a constantly changing dynamic world requires it.   Conflict is at the core of all innovation.  Master it and your leadership skills, change efforts, and engagement scores soar.

Can you relate to what other leaders tell me?

  • I am protective of my awesome people. They are out there to deliver great work, then people at worksites or other departments create all kinds of obstacles and sometimes it feels like they get beat up out there! We are better than that and it eats up our profit.
  • Can’t he hear! Why doesn’t he just do what I say? I keep repeating myself, then asking others to fill in performance gaps.
  • Just how old are they? I need the diversity on my team, but wow! They don’t like or appreciate each other! Some of my best people are the worst team members. I guess they aren’t the best then, are they?
  • Stunned and frustrated. One of my peers sees things so differently than I, are we living on the same planet working toward the same goal?! I don’t get why our executives keep this person on the team.
  • Perplexed, I give them everything. Why do my people seem disengaged and unhappy?
  • Surfing lessons might be helpful! Constant change is fatiguing. Staying balanced in ever-changing circumstances is something I could use help with. I know it is fatiguing for some of my best people. I worry I’ll lose them.
  • Influencing others when I have no authority, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Even seasoned leaders have these challenges. Mastery is an ongoing process. Great performers never stop honing their craft, and neither do great Leaders.

This is where artistry comes in.   There is no ‘book’ that gives a simple answer to all of the above. Conflict engages all aspects of people: mind, body, and spirit. It is fascinating!

I invite you to attend a FREE one-hour Learning Teleseminar for tips on this topic!

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In this teleseminar learn:

  • Why Conflict is needed and how it is an art. And, just what is conflict exactly?
  • The 1 thing most overlooked when dealing with conflict.
  • 5 phases of conflict creep, what it costs and what to do about it.
  • A distinct mental image that will forever change how you think about conflict
  • 5 Keys to Mastering Conflict to create alignment

This teleseminar is for Leaders who:

  • Want to lead innovation and change without sacrificing their sanity
  • Want to bring out the best in their people
  • Get the value of engaging effectively with their clients or customers and other affiliated organizations (and want to protect their good people)
  • Get that resistance is futile but don’t know what to do about it


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