Webinar Series Outline

Conflict is the spark that lights the fire of invention. However, the flames of conflict can also destroy trust and vitality that are essential to bring out the best in people to create high performing teams and successful business relationships.In this interactive presentation, Karen Valencic will blend concepts from science and the martial arts to demonstrate 5 keys to innovate through conflict. Karen demonstrates all her concepts physically making the learning entertaining and long lasting with visual and kinesthetic learning.

  • Distinguish between destructive and innovative conflict
  • Demonstrate how to shift destructive conflict to innovative solutions
  • Stay calm and maintain perspective in intense situations
  • Align opposing priorities and people
  • Influence without authority

Pre-webinar preparation

  • View narrated Slideshow (5 Minutes) – The Cost of Conflict or Conflict like Water
  • View pre-recorded or live Webinar (16 minutes) – The Evolution of Innovation
  • Complete personal inventory survey, including questions about the above information
  • Complete DiSC behavioral survey

Video Webinars

Each is live interactive video-based; participants. A private recording will be available only to the participants afterwards on the Spiral Impact membership site.   Each webinar will approximately 60 minutes.

Webinar 1: Spiral Impact Framework & Building Knowledge

 Overview: The Spiral Impact framework consists of 4 quadrants that when ‘activated’ create power, influence and clarity.   This webinar will introduce the overall framework and the quadrant ‘Knowledge’.


  • Distinguish between destructive conflict & innovative conflict
  • Identify the current behavior and desired outcome (vision path)
  • Discern the current statements or beliefs about the situation that prolong the destructive conflict

 Integration and reflection:

Participants will identify a situation to apply these concepts. They will work with it and report to Karen about their successes or continued challenges prior to the next webinar.

 Webinar 2: Focused Energy and DiSC

Overview: To become the calm eye of the storm is another key the Spiral Impact method. In this session, techniques will be shared to nurture the skills to accomplish calm. An overview of DiSC behavior will also be presented.


  • Stay calm, maintain and increase perspective in difficult situations
  • Make choices that increase levels of energy and engagement
  • Articulate the strengths and challenges of the behavioral styles and how this impacts the situation identified in webinar 1

 Integration and reflection:

Participants will keep a daily centering journal, including when they didn’t feel centered and how they consciously practiced and report back to Karen. Also, will be asked to reflect on how they experience DiSC behavior in their work life.

Webinar 3: Intention

 Overview: Referring back to the vision path in Webinar 1, consider the 3 levels of intention regarding your situation. Introduce the language component of expressing intention appropriately.


  • Articulate and express all levels of intention and how that drives your behavior
  • Identify language that influences rather than attacks/repels others

Integration and reflection:

Participants to provide a detailed description of all 3 levels of intentions regarding their chosen situation; create a detailed description of the deeper level intention that stays the same through most situations in their life. Also, provide a list of how they could reformulate language given several common situations people experience in workplaces.

Webinar 4: Support and bringing it all together


Support is the final quadrant of the model. This session will review each quadrant and provide application information on how to give feedback appropriately.


  • Demonstrate applying ‘Spiral Impact’ to a difficult situation
  • Give feedback deliberately

Note: This series is intended for individual development, which is the beginning framework for team development. For team development please contact Karen for information.