Spiral Impact in 5 Short Lessons

Make an impact with ease and grace – join Karen for five-5 minute videos and learn the basic first level skills to Spiral Impact your way to success!

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Lesson 1 – Why spiral?

Do your interactions give you energy or drain you? Can you shift destructive conflict to innovation? Is it possible for you to use power rather than force to accomplish your goals?

Lesson 2 – What do you know?

Initiate momentum and increase knowledge with one obvious simple step.

Lesson 3 – How ‘present’ are you?

Become the ‘calm eye of the storm;’ understand the impact your nonverbal communication has on others and your peace of mind.

Lesson 4 – Going in circles?

A spiral without intention is a circle with no impact.

Lesson 5 – What about them?

Put it all together for yourself, your team or organization. No man is an island.

Where now? This is simple, not easy. Let us help!

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