The warm weather lifted my heart this morning.   I saw a magnolia tree heavy with blossoms ready to pop.  March 8 is certainly a record early bloom!

Fooled – the early morning pink light colored a bunch of dead leaves on a tree.  No blossoms.

My mental/emotional state influenced what I saw.

A small white object under a chair during aikido practice caught a couple of ours’ attention.   I thought it was a candle.  He thought it was a marshmallow.

Fooled again – it was the cap off a can!

I have candles in my current experience.  He has young kids and marshmallows in his current experience.   Our current state influenced what we thought we saw.

From what lens do you see things?  When there is lack of trust do you color things with suspicion?  How often are you fooled?   Are you willing to put on a different lens?  And, what would it be?

Still looking for an early Magnolia!   Karen