LaurenWelcome Lauren Windle, guest blogger!

Ahhhhhh… yes! Those were my spacey, blissed out feelings after a particularly good yoga class as I settled comfortably into savasana last week at a nearby yoga studio.

Not so extraordinary, you might think, that’s what yoga is all about. So right! Ideally, every yoga class hopes to take you into that relaxed, endorphin-rich state after a dynamic class.

But this session was different for me. You see, I’m a yoga instructor, and a busy one. I teach 12 classes per week, and sometimes more. I know I’m supposed to take yoga as well as teach yoga, but sometimes, the last thing I want to do is add another yoga class to my already busy routine. I want to do anything but more yoga.

But it had been almost a month since I’d “allowed myself the luxury” of taking a class “just for me.” So I made room for it on my schedule and just went.

Savasana was juicy! It was all for me – since I didn’t have to direct it, or watch the clock to be sure we ended on time, or stack yoga blocks while my class enjoyed the rest. The class itself was a wonderful experience too. I wasn’t leading it, after all. I was not at the front of the class, but nestled in the middle, anonymously. I found I loved it!

What a wonderful break this was for my psyche! And so simple!

I learned that even when you love what you do, everyone can learn from taking a different tact, being open to a different perspective, or following instead of leading. I guess you could say, I “followed my bliss.” Ommmmmm…..

~ Lauren