Huge glass of spilled water, thank you for guiding me to my long lost eye glasses hiding behind the table!


Slow car in the Riley Hospital parking garage, thank you for the reminder of what is  important, being centered in the moment.

Angry woman on the phone, thank you for causing me pause and self-reflection.

Late night text messages from my far away daughters, thank you, I love you forever.

Sunday morning phone chats with my mom, thank you for always being there.

Those of you who reply and forward these short messages, thank you for letting me know what I do matters.

Leaves falling off the trees, thank you for the reminder that life is a cycle (a spiral!).

Huge glass of spilled water, thank you again for the reminder me to pause and give thanks to all life events. Even if bleak, there is a hidden gift.

I wish all of you a wonderful heart felt Thanksgiving.

In Gratitude,