They promised excellence; they delivered a façade. 

A ‘nicer’ club purchased my health club. They spent a lot of money to update the facility to their ‘higher’ standard.

Yet, 18 months later the same broken equipment doesn’t work, the clock is now stuck at 8:40, the whirlpool isn’t bubbly. They put forth fancy wallpaper and tile, which are undeniably ‘glamorous’ but without maintenance excellence is absent.

Without maintenance efforts toward excellence
become a mere facade.

That’s obvious with physical things. What about you?  What about relationships?

You: I made a list of things to accomplish this weekend.  Number 1 on the list:  Get my back feeling good.  As I write this blog, I am test running a new computer configuration. While I love the flexibility my laptop offers, the ergonomics are challenging.  I can do roll falls on the aikido mat, but my computer is doing me in!  I need to maintain healthy posture to maintain my wellness.

Relationships: It is so easy to disconnect with people especially, those close to us. Have you truly communicated with the people important to you lately?  Including close family members and people you work with, work for, or work for you?  New relationships are often easy and exciting whereas, exisiting relationships take continuous maintenance.

This is all reminiscent of Spiral Impact. Need a refresher? CLICK

The façade of excellence always fades without maintenance!

What maintenance have you let slip?   Get on it, lack of maintenance carries a high price!