Spiral Daily 267

How well do you bring hara or center to what you do? As I was folding my hakama after aikido practice today. My first pass was really sloppy. Hakama are the long traditional pants we wear over our gi to practice. Folding requires focus lining up 7 pleats carefully. I...

Lean In meets Spiral Impact

This video depiction has popped into my mind every time I’ve heard  “Lean In” the past several years. The time was ripe to produce it – hope you enjoy it.  http://www.vimeo.com/111862804 Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller triggered a huge amount of dialogue about career...
Change – Ouch!

Change – Ouch!

Updated from 2013 to 2020! Grrgh!   The coronavirus has dictated a change in how I practice my beloved art, Aikido, for a while now. While frustrating, it has forced me to reconsider the intent of my practice.  My intent is to study relationship, honor, and self. ...

Yanked around?

Smooth and magical describes aikido done well.  There is a subtle joyous quality to the movement.  Once you experience it, you want it again and again just like in all great relationships. Recently on the aikido mat I felt yanked around by my practice partner.  I...

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