Spirals are powerful.  Mother Nature has reminded us recently in a pretty big way.

tornadoWhile our language is full of negative images about spirals (spiral out of control, downward spiral), a spiral is just power, you decide the direction or application through intention.  You can spiral into control, upward, or forward with Spiral Impact principles.

What about Spiraling into Gratitude?

The holiday season is upon us.  Demands on emotions and time seem to expand during this time of year.  Whether it’s too many commitments or feelings of loss  – Spiral Impact is a method to experience it with ease and grace!

Follow these 5 Keys:

When you feel tension or conflict:  Spiral by choosing one or more of the following:

Declare your intention for the season:
My personal intention is to be ‘present’ in gratitude, what is yours? Write this out so you can remember!  Set a reminder on the computer or phone to remind yourself daily!

Choose to be centered:
Be the calm eye in of the middle of the storm.  Begin the day centered, remember time expands when you practice centering, how do you remind do yourself throughout the day?  A good physical work out helps with this as well.

 Turn your statements into questions, acknowledgements or both: 

  •  If you find yourself saying, “I have so much to do.” Consider asking yourself,  “How is this in line with my intention?” or “Who could help me with this?” or “Is this necessary?”
  •  If you find yourself saying, “It’s not the same as it use to be.”  Consider asking, “What new traditions shall I create? or  “Who can I help lift up this holiday season?”
  •  If you find yourself beginning to argue with a family member, ask yourself, “What fear is making me go to battle?” or “Do I want to be right or happy?” or remind yourself that spiraling in gives you more influence than arguing face-to-face! Refer to blog: 3 magic words.

Choose your support:
Make a list of trusted friends or advisors who you can call for support.  Support can also be in the form of journaling or reading what inspires you.  A walk outside can be very supportive too!

What suggestions do you have?

Gratefully yours, Karen