Destructive conflict zaps our energy and humanity.   If you’ve paid attention to our election process you know what I mean.

The ballots are counted. United States has a new president AND the divisions continue.

Now what?

Everyone has a choice. Continue feeding the destruction, or learning how to master the art of conflict and do something different.   I am choosing the latter, spiral to make an impact.

As I write I sit inside my winter garden. A great reminder that to grow healthy food requires processed and aged crap (compost). The same is true with our ideas and relationships.   How can you process the crap so something good can grow? A few of my thoughts follow:

*If you believe in inclusion and diversity, remember different political beliefs and ideas are also a form of diversity.  Are you willing to open up and understand a little bit more of the ‘other’ side? Compost is best with a variety of components.

* What are you doing to rest your emotions? How’s your center? Compost requires rest.

*Where are you putting your focus, your intention? What you focus on grows. President-Elect Trump was master of making people focus on him, good or bad, in this election. Whether you like him, or not, he had most people tuned into his ‘radio dial’.   Pay attention to what you dial into – you are giving your energy to it. Go for what you want – not what you don’t want. Negative ads were and are energy vampires.  Compost requires specific ingredients to avoid spoilage.

*If you want change in the political process, focus on that. Now is the time, not in four years. Removing the money and the media hype from our elections would greatly reduce the divisiveness of our political process. Compost requires time to get really good. Now is the best time to begin.

For me, I feel inspired to go deeper and wider with Spiral Impact and my work mastering the art of conflict. I believe there is still a need. 

I believe in America.  I wish the new administration well.  

All the best, Karen