A banana can’t really hurt you.

Banana 2A friend offered me a banana recently.  She was so intent on me having one I got irritated… I just don’t like bananas!

I responded a little defensively;  I was not as gracious as I would have liked.  It caused me to reflect about why something so small could cause me to feel defensive.

I believe it may be the same reason someone might react to:

  • A bump in a crowd
  • An unsolicited request or suggestion
  • A change in plans

All of these situations are most likely as harmless as a banana!  Yet even a subtle defensive block may take a benign event and create a negative issue.  

But why the reaction in the first place?  I think the following can come into play, we:

  • Need space
  • Assume negative intent
  • Allow past experiences to influence our present assumptions

When does a banana become a sword?  Whenever we choose.  Next time, you find yourself even subtly blocking a perceived attack, Spiral —- turn that banana into a smoothie —- an honorable acknowledgement, example:  ‘Ahh…yes and thank you, no’