What scares you?

I love this Spiral Eyed Pumpkin.

I’ll tell you what scares me…an excellent Judo teacher.
Our Dojo is now offering really good Judo instruction in addition to Aikido
Frankly, I am not interested in Judo…it is very close contact and on the ground – it scares me and there is a lot of sweat – Yuck-O.
I have a belief it is a ‘guy thing’.

Having practiced in an aikido class this past weekend with our Judo instructor – it scares me more.
That’s my tension – the tension that I teach informs me to Spiral!

You see when you tense against something that scares you, it gives it more power and an opening for injury, physical or otherwise!.

As I center, I relax and more easily adjust to relieve the tension.  In this I free myself from fear.

But it is a work in progress.

What scares you?


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