How does your next action or thought
maintain or increase your vitality?

and, the vitality of those around you.

By Aziz Acharki

I want to live fully the minutes I have left in this life.

What if, you checked-in at each transition point in your day and asked that question?

If your answer is, “It does not,” adjust your thought or action so that it does.


For example,

Making calls that you dread? Consider how you can uplift the other person before you call.

Another zoom meeting?  Ask partiicipants at the beginning to consider their desired state of mind for the end of the meeting.

Wanting a third cup of coffee? Consider an alternative or eat something first.

Watching the news? Consider a quick debrief rather than an all consuming audio broadcast or constant checking of your app. Or, pass all together.

Feeling lethargic? Get up and move with energy!


Develop Power with Grace. 
Asking thoughtful questions is one aspect.
The best questions foster understanding, spark innovation, diffuse negative conflict, and build influence –
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