What does the nose know?

By Andriyko Podlinyk from Unsplash.com

It knows how to clean and warm air, which calms your nervous system.

Try this experiment –
take a few breaths in and out of your mouth, then switch to your nose.
What do you notice?

We are designed to be nose breathers.
When we breathe through our mouth the body is wired to feel panic.

Take this further and study lung health and pneumonia prevention with my Physical Therapist, Denise Deig.In the first video she shares a simple technique for being sure to nose breathe at night.
I love it!

It’s called mouth taping, sounds awful, but I’ve been doing it for a year and it has been life changing for me.
All the breathing practice I do when I am awake seems irrelevant when I sleep.
If you’ve seen mouth taping before, Denise does it differently than most.
I find it more comfortable and less threatening.
Use this Kineso Tape

Go to 5:30 in video number 1

Let me know how it goes!


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