Why does it matter how you view your ‘labor’?

from mcmurtrieandco.com.au

In honor of Labor Day celebrated in the US, I share this parable of the three stonemasons.
Each mason was doing the same ‘labor’ yet experienced it quite differently!

“An old story tells of a visitor who encounters three stonemasons working on a medieval cathedral, and asks each what he is doing. Their responses:

‘I am cutting this stone to shape,’  says the first with a grunt as he described his basic actions.
‘I am cutting this stone to earn money to support my family,’ says the second, hurriedly as he described his motivation.
‘I am building a great cathedral to honor the glory of God,’ says the third with a smile and twinkle in his eye as he shared his inspiration.”

When your ‘labor’ is inspired action – the labor is no longer labor.
What is your inspiration?


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